Surely Jerry's joking, Mr. Feynman!

Joe wrote:



Dick Feynman was a pretty good egg. I was informed that I shook his hand (at 3) - when he attended my Grandfather's funeral. In 1965, Feynman won a Nobel prize for his contributions to Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). He worked on building the first fission bomb, doing most of the calculations for the uranium yields in his head. He was a prankster, disliked the hierarchy in science and slapped off any bull-crap slung his way. As below, Feynman would have been revolted by what has been said of science by the cultists. He would have interpreted it as unmistakable evidence for the disintegration of Western Civilization.

Einfühlung wrote:
we can change the rate of decay of things. all we have to do is change the decaying "thing's" environment. things seem to decay faster in warmer climates than they do in colder climates. if a thing is frozen, it decays real slow. predictions are that the closer we get to absolute 0, the less a thing may decay. although, last i read, cryogenics will not work even at absolute 0 we are seeing evidence of decay at the micro-level. seemed they weren't sure how a thing would come out of the hibernation with this small amount of decay (because they weren't sure exactly where ALL the decay was, seemed to be "throughout"). that said, i read that study a few years ago. things may have changed since then, of course.
Einfühlung wrote:
the rate of decay is not mind-independent. a thing decaying is. e=mc^2 is not mind-independent.

We cannot change the rate of decay of anything without a mind-independent decay rate first set in motion by the electro-weak force (linked to physical constants and laws). When we drop an object's temperature, we are acting in concert with the electro-weak force. We are not "defying" it by cooling stuff down, and we are not doing it with our minds alone. Scientists engage in actions under the objective conditions (beyond their finite minds) - which exist in the world. Contra Jerry's jihad against science, nothing about its laws, constants, equations, forces, decay rates, etc. is a mind-dependent chimera.

For once, Jerry (Einfühlung) got one right - sorta: "cryogenics will not work even at absolute 0".

Cryogenics will not work at absolute zero, 'cuz nuthin' works at absolute zero. Either an object radiates a temperature above absolute zero (including the coolants and magnetic coils used in cryogenics) or it does not exist. The lowest temperature achieved by human beings is one-half billionth degree above absolute zero - a great scientific and technological achievement. To reduce anything to absolute zero, the technology used to drop its temperature (according to the laws of thermodynamics) would have to be below absolute zero - not existing in reality!

Like Mr. Feynman, I share his disdain with philosophers. Philosophy, for the most part, has been a dreadful pox (much like religion and politics) on humankind. Anaxagoras was burned alive at the stake for practicing philosophy. Perhaps, the (pre-Enlightenment) Greeks realized that philosophy would give rise to strange, destructive imbeciles. However, what's spewed in this cult are not philosophical discussions. They are the techniques, methods and modes of nescience (ignorance), designed to neutralize rationality and ourselves as thinking beings. As above, there's no facet of science (cryogenics, thermodynamics, the electro-weak force, decay rates, etc.) that a cultist will not automatically de-rationalize by occult word-spells and stunning ignorance.