On this site, there's a collection of essays, roughly describable as philosophical in nature. Some were my responses to a cast of blithering dolts on a (former) Myspace discussion group. From the winter of 2008 to the autumn of 2010, I encountered them - infrequently. The members of this group rejected minimal human rationality. For example:

Evolutionary biology was denounced as "sociopathic" and "metaphorical".

The constants, equations and laws of Physics were deemed "not mind-independent".

Logic - as found in text-books - was declared "bad logic".

Thermostats were attributed "representational states", i.e. the capacity of complex thought.

Imaginary things were sworn to "exist".

My final conclusion is that they packed-up to form a cult - hell-bent on destroying reason. Read the essays in the above drop-down list at your own risk...