"These people are less than savages."

Joe wrote:
For over a year, my cousin, a prominent evolutionary biologist - who occasionally logs in to observe the busting-up of human reason constantly on parade here (and what has been said of his science that it's based on a sickness) made the "savages" crack. He's quite the gentleman. His diagnosis is accurate. Should any garden-variety savage, bustling-in a forest, scrambling-over a desert, clambering-on a mountian top or scuttling-across the shores of a silent sea deny that mind-independent conditions pervade the world, he would perish from the face of the earth. Pre-rational animals caught-up in rabies-induced frenzies is a more precise descriptor of the intellectual capacity of the cultists - than his "less than savages" remark.

Einfühlung wrote:
gravity is a fact (not a law), it is different AND changes that things lose mass and float further away or towards each other. you're still talking about an Ideal of Gravity that doesn't exist anywhere. it is based on the "real". there is no Gravity. there is no Love. we only have these concepts because of the real. gravity works in this description, but the gravity of a body is different from body to body due to mass and distance. gravity can be strong. gravity can be weak. but it is not CONSTANT. if it were, it would be the same everywhere. that is not a category mistake.

Gravity is precisely what has been said of it for 400 years by civilized human beings. Arrogant under-savages on a Myspace group, lacking the ability to control their inane, low-level discharges, exert absolutely no authority over physics. There's no scientific theory, no fact of nature, no fact of human history, etc. that this cult has refrained from reflexively de-objectifying into pottiness. One may either accept physics for what it is or reject it - outright. Jerry is not entitled to distort a law of physics into infant-babble, then attribute to me or anyone else that "an Ideal of Gravity" is what has been commented on, experimented on and verified for the past four centuries by the people who count - scientists.

Jerry persists in confounding the differential rates of gravitational attraction - which General Relativity predicts will not be "homogeneous" on "small scales" throughout the universe - with the gravitational constant, G. Only he contends that someone, somewhere and at sometime, (mis)identified the gravitational constant, G, with the locally varying gravitational fields, populating the universe. That's his category mistake.

Jerry has chosen to turn his back on what exists in reality. If he wishes to descend into that pit - fine, but he should not go uncriticized. Those who are full-aware of his plunge know exactly where his sort of plunging leads human beings. He cannot - from the seat of his self-anointed authority - decree what physics is about, and neither he nor anyone else in this dislocation-of-the-mind-cult can make what physics has meant to cultured, refined and intelligent people waft-out of the exhaust port of reality into non-being.