On this site, there's a collection of 42 essays, describable as philosophical in nature. Most of these essays were my responses to a cast of blithering dolts on a (former) Myspace discussion group. From the winter of 2008 to the autumn of 2010, I encountered them - infrequently. The members of this group rejected minimal human rationality. For example:

Evolutionary biology was denounced as "sociopathic" and "metaphorical".

The constants, equations and laws of Physics were deemed "not mind-independent".

Logic - as found in text-books - was declared "bad logic".

Thermostats were attributed "representational states", i.e. the capacity of complex thought.

Imaginary things were sworn to "exist".

Hypothetical beings (which cannot feel) were declared to experience "empathy".

My final conclusion holds that they packed-up to form a cult - hell-bent on destroying reason. Read the essays in the above drop-down list at your own risk...