Cretin Hop!

Joe wrote:

There's no stoppin' the cretins from hoppin'
You gotta keep it beatin' for all the hoppin' cretins

Cretin! Cretin!

I'm gonna go for a whirl with my Cretin girl
My feet won't stop doin' the Cretin Hop-p-p-p-p

Cretin! Cretin!

1-2-3-4 cretins wanna' hop some more?
4-5-6-7 all good cretins go to heaven

Einfühlung wrote:
you're FOR CERTAIN, that as our universe ages and grows, the formula for finding the gravitational force for a specific object will NEVER change. in other words, you are assuming you've found a Form, and it is Gravity. it will NEVER change. it will remain a constant throughout eternity. we cannot know such. the speed of light (in a vacuum) could very well change. we cannot KNOW these things. this is the difference between Gravity and gravity.
Einfühlung wrote:
gravity will not be constant from one place to another because one place to another is not identical. love will not be the same from couple to couple because people are not identical. the speed of light changes because shit gets in the way of the light. this makes the real not constant.

Does Jerry have any empirical evidence that Newton and Einstein are balmy and that he - alone - is correct about the low-level nature of the universe, i.e. that there are no fundamental constants (G, c, h, etc.) in operation - because everything is in a continual state of spastic flux? Jerry did not discover his "Gravity and gravity" schism in the universe; he defined it into the universe. It's a neo-religious precept and/or a myth.

Only at this Cretin Hop are 400 years of physics: Newtonian mechanics, the gravitational constant (G), the inverse square law and General Relativity claimed to be "in other words, you are assuming you've found a Form, and it is Gravity". (This crack is the mother of all straw men. Jerry, like a good little cultist, distorts what gravity means to physics. First, he capitalizes the letter "G" in the word "gravity", pronouncing the capitalized word a "Form". He attributes these distortions to physics, then he attacks his own distortions, believing that he overthrew physics!)

Astrophysicists can predict (1) the orbital periods of stellar binaries in far-flung galaxies, down to the millionth of a second (2) calculate the mass of a gravitational lens - some 3 billion light years away, due to its microscopic, angular deflection of light (3) calculate the mass of a quasar, receding some 7 billion light years distant and (4) detect the miniscule swerve in the precession of Mercury's perihelion as it orbits the sun. (During the swerve, the amount of Mercury's energy dissipated is equivalent to the energy released by a fly's wings flapping.) If the equations of physics were mind-dependent and/or everything were in flux, none of these 4 phenomena could be predicted, detected, measured - or remotely explained.

However, there's a "difference between Gravity and gravity" - because Jerry cooked up the distinction. This term is alien to physics, and - with it, he does not criticize Newton or Einstein. To Jerry - since no Form of gravity exists, there's no Gravity. What he says is trivially true. No scientist contends that a Form of gravity need be found for gravitational theory to be viable or for the gravitational constant, G, to operate. With his keyboard, Jerry shoots a busted arrow, missing whatever target he intends to hit. His empty expression does not alter physics. Though Jerry believes that he exerts a veto-power over physics, his infantile word-games are just swirlings of dust-motes, dancing in the sunlight.

Lord Norton wrote:
Insects do not make preference declarations... period.
Lord Norton wrote:
Male flies are not doing any thinking. They are acting on what is traditionally referred to as instinct. It's a survival mechanism. Whether you want to mix up this jargon of preference with human behavior is your problem.

The statement: "Insects do not make preference declarations..." is trivially true. Neither do flies make linguini with clam sauce nor split atoms. By releasing such cracks, nothing about evolutionary biology is impacted.

Jerry and Rob L Norton have taken it upon themselves to de-objectify science with their potty manufactured tautologies. To Norton - since non-human organisms lack both an advanced form of consciousness and articulate speech, they cannot carry biological mate preferences for traits, possessed by members of the opposite sex. Part of what he asserts: "Male flies are not doing any thinking." is trivially true. The problem is that he is saying nothing important about the world with it. To him, biologists are not entitled to choose their own Sexual Selection terminology. Evo-bio must bow to him. The paradoxical irony is that had non-human organisms always lacked mate preferences, Rob L Norton would not exist to bellow that non-human organisms lack mate preferences - because Sexual Selection (differential reproductive outcomes, triggered by preferences for ornaments) - in part - drove the evolution of non-humans to humans.

Since Jerry and Norton dislike science, they might take up poking knitting needles into their groins. At least with sharp implements, they'll wind-up with something to show for their effort: dried blood, scars, punctured scrotums and popped testicles, instead of plying empty word-games - which cannot overthrow a physical law or subjectivize a driver of evolution.

1-2-3-4 Cretins wanna' hop some more?
4-5-6-7 All good cretins go to heaven