Joe wrote:
Jerry's dissolvent, Heraclitian flux makes physics go poof!

Einfühlung wrote:
no, every THING changes...no exceptions. if it is a "thing", then it changes. it must be a thing (mind-INdependent) which includes myself.

The answer to his "every THING changes" clap-trap is that no one can logically conclude that a thing changes by conceptualizing it. One cannot even - by observing - decide that everything about a thing is in flux. According to physics, there's something about a thing for the thing to be a thing - which is held above the flux, bound to physical constants. It took human beings at least 150 thousand years to develop a culture sufficiently advanced - in which we could isolate the fundamental constants, filling the universe. Why - without any counter-evidence - chuck 400 years worth of science down the out-house crapper?

Much deviltry would be done to the universe should the gravitational constant, G, go haywire. If G were even microscopically smaller, stars could not form - as they need to accrete hydrogen for fusion reactions to commense, and G must be constant for fusion to be maintained. (Both gravity and radiant energy pressure in constant equilibrium keep a star from either blowing apart or collapsing in on itself.) There's something about stars which evades Jerry's dissolvent flux. If the strength of G were fluctuating, there would be no stars, no star clusters, no galaxies, no galactic clusters, etc.

Planck's constant (h) picks-out the proportional relationship between the energy (E) of a photon and its frequency (v). As energies of electromagnetic waves increase, their frequencies increase. The relevant equation is E=hv. Radio waves have a much lower frequency/energy than those of visible light, and they are are not interchangeable with visible light waves, and h has not been shown to vary.

If everything (including G and h) were spontaneously variable in Jerry, the molecules in his body would not reliably cling together, and his body would radiate electromagnetic waves at unpredictable and erratic frequencies, e.g. deadly cosmic rays shooting out of his butt-hole, killing him and those in his proximity. He would not exist to mouth the bromide: "every THING changes" if every THING changes.

Another rejoinder to the religious tenet that there are "no exceptions" to "every THING changes" is that it's a universal negation. Unless one has surveyed the totality of the universe, one cannot logically conclude that everything is in flux - because this cannot be known until the exhaustive surveying has been completed. No crack-pot can perform this feat from his perch on a Myspace group.

Should fester-heads, like Jerry, Norton, Khuno, JoshingThySelf and Nate, wish to blubber incoherently about physics and biology - more power to them. But, they are not entitled to sling excrement at anyone who will not roll in the manure-pile with them. They are the ones with the problem, and the problem consumes them utterly - the stubborn refusal to submit to something beyond the twisted intrigues of their vacant, little minds.